Moffett Transport, Haulage and Delivery of Self Service Washing Machines & Delivery Points

Each and every day our artic moffett vehicles and drivers transport, deliver and help install a variety of different items.  Pallets are the most obvious, bricks, plasterboard, insulation and more.  Often to or from sites where no offloading facilities exist. 

But we are seeing an increase in deliveries of equipment such as parcel lockers and washing machines.  These types of equipment are becoming part and parcel of the busy lives we lead and are installed in and around supermarkets, shopping centres and service stations. We have even delivered into multi-storey car parks on occasion.

With large plant and machine deliveries to busy sites a moffett (truck mounted forklift) is often the perfect delivery vehicle. For Washing machine deliveries we await confirmation from our customers that ground works have been completed and the services are ready to connect. With that we are then given a delivery date and destination for our drivers to meet up with the engineers to place the machine in situ whilst they connect the services.

On the odd occasion, a moffett isn’t ideal, and neither is an articulated vehicle.  In these cases, we may send a smaller rigid vehicle, or maybe even a rigid hiab (crane) vehicle.  The breadth of our fleet and our ability to plan and overcome site-specific hurdles is exactly why we are best placed for this work

Recent deliveries have been made to Cobham Services (on the M25) and to other sites in and around London.  Some required the HIAB, others perfectly suited to the moffett you see below.  These options ensure the machines are carefully placed into position without the need for anybody to get into a spin… if there is any spinning to be done we will leave that to the washing machines all of which are also capable of washing and drying a total of up to 18kg of laundry at any one time, these machines are all coin operated so are operational 24/7 on 365 days of the year on all of the sites they occupy.

On a recent HIAB delivery day, our vehicle collected the machine from our Dorking depot and headed to Cobham Services…. the engineers were already on site with a traffic management system in place.  On arrival, the driver was directed into position and the traffic cones re-placed around the area to prevent any danger to the general public….the driver then proceeded to carefully lift, and guided by the engineers successfully placed the machine into position.

Job done in record time so an early finish Friday for the engineers – this is why they love us!!

Happy Customer + Happy Driver…. Win Win!!

If you need help or advise with your transport needs just pick up the phone and call Sussex Transport, we can then discuss your requirements in further detail and the best way forward for you… Call us now on 0800 915 23 23 or fill in one of our contact forms…

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