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If you’re in need of professional services to handle abnormal and wide-load transport, you’ve come to the right place.

With years of expertise and a deep understanding of the legalities and intricacies involved, Sussex Transport is your go-to company for efficiently and securely transporting abnormal loads.

Our dedicated team of planners and drivers, along with our reliable fleet of heavy goods vehicles and escort vehicles, ensure that your wide load reaches its destination safely and on time.

From comprehensive route planning to obtaining necessary permits and providing police escorts if required, we take care of every detail. Trust Sussex Transport for expert abnormal load transport and haulage services that prioritise safety, compliance, and customer satisfaction.

What Is an Abnormal Or Wide Load?

An abnormal load refers to a vehicle that exceeds certain weight, size, or width limits.

According to the official guidelines provided by the gov.uk website, an abnormal load is defined as a vehicle that meets any of the following criteria:

a weight of more than 44,000kg
an axle load of more than 10,000kg for a single non-driving axle and 11,500kg for a single driving axle
a width of more than 2.9 metres (this is deemed a wide load).
a rigid length of more than 18.65 metres
Wide Load haulage
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Abnormal Load Transport Procedures

At Sussex Transport, we take care of every aspect of abnormal load transport and haulage.

Notifications to the Chief Officer of Police through all areas of travel
The proposed and planned route
Full declaration of the overall length, width and height of the load
High visibility markers at the front and rear of the vehicle and or load
Secure loading (including chains, straps, netting etc....)
Police escort (if necessary)

Why Choose Sussex Transport?

At Sussex Transport, we are dedicated to our customers’ requirements.

Our highly trained and motivated staff and our belief in excellent communication are key to our success in the Road Haulage industry.

Our uniformed team is supplied with full PPE and holds CSCS cards, allowing access to all construction sites.

Photographic ID is carried at all times to access secure, public, government and commercial buildings.

Sussex Transport holds a Waste Carriers Licence, and the company is a member of the Road Haulage Association.

Compliant Road Haulage Provider
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Abnormal Load Transport And Haulage

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