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Sussex Transport is a leading logistics provider in the Power & Utilities sector, delivering a range of specialised services for clients involved in essential energy and utility projects. Our expertise extends to handling special projects that require meticulous planning, coordination, and execution.

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We offer tailored logistics services, including:
Transportation and installation of heavy equipment like substations and transformers.
Secure storage and distribution solutions for sensitive materials, such as solar panels.
Specialised transport for large and heavy machinery.
Expert contract lifting services for intricate installations.
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Water Tank Transport

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A Bespoke Project Approach

Our approach is rooted in understanding the unique challenges of the Power & Utilities sector. We collaborate closely with our clients, providing bespoke solutions that adhere to the highest safety and efficiency standards. Our team is equipped to handle the complexities of transporting, lifting and helping installation teams with critical infrastructure components.

What sets us apart
Extensive experience in handling specialised equipment and materials for the Power & Utilities sector.
A fleet equipped with advanced lifting and transport capabilities.
A skilled team of operators and planners, experienced in managing complex logistics projects.
Commitment to safety and compliance, ensuring all operations meet industry regulations.
Why Choose Sussex Transport?

At Sussex Transport, we are dedicated to our customers’ requirements.

Our highly trained and motivated staff and our belief in excellent communication are key to our success in the Road Haulage industry.

Our uniformed team is supplied with full PPE and holds CSCS cards, allowing access to all construction sites.

Photographic ID is carried at all times to access secure, public, government and commercial buildings.

Sussex Transport holds a Waste Carriers Licence, and the company is a member of the Road Haulage Association.

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Water Tank Transport
Recent Projects
Substation Transformer Swap-Out in Cornwall: Demonstrating precision in the transportation and installation of critical electrical infrastructure.
Solar Panel Storage and Distribution: Providing secure warehousing and distribution services for solar energy components.
Generator Transport Company: Specialising in the safe and efficient transport of large-scale generators.
Contract Lift of a Generator in Worthing, West Sussex: Showcasing our expertise in contract lifting and intricate installation of power generation equipment.

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