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Heavy Plant & Machinery Haulage

Heavy plant and equipment haulage and machinery transport are specialist areas where reputation, fleet quality, expertise and experience are paramount.

With large, bulky and high-value items, finding the right partner with the right fleet for your movement is essential.

Plant and machinery cover an extremely varied set of equipment. From a digger to an entire factory line, finding the right haulier and drivers who carry out successful moves every day is sometimes tricky.

What we offer

We provide our clients with a range of machinery transport services, including specialist equipment haulage, low-loader transport, and abnormal load transport.

Our fleet of modern, well-maintained vehicles is fully equipped to handle any type of heavy machinery transport.

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Whether it is a one off movement, a regular transport requirement, or a larger logistics project we would love to hear from you

Why Choose Sussex Transport for Your Plant & Machinery Haulage Needs?

At Sussex Transport, we understand that your machinery is vital to you. That’s why we take every precaution to ensure its safe transportation.

  • Our highly accredited and heavily trained team run ultra-modern fleet for our customers.
  • We offer a top-class Low Loader Service and, when needed, a service that combines perfectly with our articulated, crane and rigid transport services to confidently carry out all your plant, equipment and machinery moves.
  • Our latest trailers have a 26-ton payload, capable of carrying heavier loads under STGO and STGO 2 regulations. We can run at 65 tonnes MGW when STGO, so payload would be up to 44 tonnes.  Trailers include double flip-toe hydraulic ramps for ease of loading and unloading and trailer-mounted winches for non-mobile recovery of plant & step frame extending trailers. Please visit our specifications page to learn more about our trailers and cranes.

We also offer abnormal loads with our own escort vehicles.

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