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At Sussex Transport, we distinguish ourselves in the container storage site and shipping container sectors with a unique focus on transporting empty and part-loaded containers used mainly for storage. Our services are specially designed for container storage providers and those using containers for individual projects. This specialisation sets us apart from conventional hauliers who primarily move fully loaded containers from ports, or other container rental companies who can generally only move empty containers due to complex insurance situations.

We offer expert lifting, moving, transport and positioning solutions for containers, catering for those wanting to move both empty and part-loaded containers. Our services are crucial for businesses and individuals purchasing or using containers for storage or specific projects. With a fleet equipped with advanced lifting equipment, we handle containers of various sizes, ensuring safe and efficient transportation and positioning.

Our commitment to innovation and customer-focused solutions drives us to deliver unparalleled shipping container lifting and logistics services and we pride ourselves on being a one-stop solution for all container-related logistics needs.

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A Bespoke Project Approach

Our team works closely with clients to understand their unique needs, offering bespoke solutions for the transportation and positioning of shipping containers. We provide expert advice and tailored strategies to ensure each project, regardless of its scale or complexity, is executed with the utmost precision.

What sets us apart
Ability to transport both empty and part-loaded shipping containers.
Specialised services for container storage providers, complemented by our own container supply division.
Advanced lifting and transport equipment capable of handling diverse container specifications.
Experienced team adept at providing logistical solutions for container-related projects.
Why Choose Sussex Transport?

At Sussex Transport, we are dedicated to our customers’ requirements.

Our highly trained and motivated staff and our belief in excellent communication are key to our success in the Road Haulage industry.

Our uniformed team is supplied with full PPE and holds CSCS cards, allowing access to all construction sites.

Photographic ID is carried at all times to access secure, public, government and commercial buildings.

Sussex Transport holds a Waste Carriers Licence, and the company is a member of the Road Haulage Association.

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