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Sea Freight is one of the most cost-effective options for shipping your goods internationally. As the name suggests, your goods would travel across the ocean via Cargo Ship. It is ideal for businesses who need to get their goods from A to B cost effectively. Businesses usually use sea from for their goods that do not have tight arrival deadlines.

Our sea freight solutions are meticulously crafted to match your specific logistical needs, ensuring a seamless, secure journey for your cargo across the globe.

At Sussex Transport, we can provide a wide variety of Sea Freight services to best fit your requirements, offering both FCL and LCL

FCL (Full Container Load)

Shipments in sea freight involve transporting goods in containers exclusively reserved for a single shipper, offering a secure and efficient way to move large quantities of cargo. This option is ideal for significant volumes, providing a cost-effective solution with straightforward logistics and reduced handling, ensuring the integrity and safety of the cargo throughout its journey.

LCL (Less than Container Load)

Shipments in sea freight allow for the transportation of smaller cargo volumes that do not require a full container. This method consolidates goods from multiple shippers into one container, making it a cost-efficient option for smaller shipments, offering flexibility and access to the same global routes as FCL without the need for large volumes of goods.

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Door to Door Service

We arrange pick up of the goods from your facility, book space on an outgoing cargo ship and arrange the final leg of delivery at destination.

Door to Port Service

We arrange pick up of the goods from your facility and book it’s journey on an outgoing cargo ship – your business would be responsible for the final leg at destination.

Port to Port

Your business arranges for your goods to be transported to your chosen port, we book the shipment in with the shipping line, your business would be responsible for the final leg at destination.

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