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Sussex Transport offers specialized haulage and logistics services tailored for TV production companies. Our experience includes working with prominent networks like ITV, BBC, and Channel 4, and supporting major productions such as Hollyoaks, Wimbledon, and the Open Championship.

We understand the unique demands of TV production logistics and deliver solutions that meet these specific needs.  Please note that Sussex Transport is committed to confidentiality and the protection of sensitive information, which is why we may not disclose all details of our work with TV productions. Our partnerships often involve Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) to ensure discretion and privacy for our high-profile projects and clients.

Read on to find out more about our services, request a quote, view some example jobs and a gallery of works we’ve carried out in your industry sector.

Our services for TV productions include:
Delivery and positioning of vehicles, containers, and large structures required for production sets.
Handling and transporting special props and equipment, including large-scale installations like the 9m Big Stig statue for Top Gear.
Providing logistics support for a range of TV productions, from drama series to major sporting events.
Collection and Delivery of Welfare Units for use while filming.
Simon Cowell infront of a Sussex Transport lorry

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A Bespoke Project Approach

We approach each TV production project with a keen understanding of the industry’s time-sensitive nature and logistical complexities. Our team works closely with production companies to plan and execute transportation and logistics seamlessly, ensuring that all elements arrive on time and in perfect condition.

What sets us apart
Extensive experience in delivering logistics solutions for high-profile TV productions.
A diverse fleet capable of handling a wide range of production logistics needs.
Proven track record of working with major TV networks and production companies.
Ability to handle unique and large-scale logistics challenges specific to TV production..
Why Choose Sussex Transport?

At Sussex Transport, we are dedicated to our customers’ requirements.

Our highly trained and motivated staff and our belief in excellent communication are key to our success in the Road Haulage industry.

Our uniformed team is supplied with full PPE and holds CSCS cards, allowing access to all construction sites.

Photographic ID is carried at all times to access secure, public, government and commercial buildings.

Sussex Transport holds a Waste Carriers Licence, and the company is a member of the Road Haulage Association.

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Sussex Cricket Partner

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