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Every good logistics operator loves a challenge right!

Last year one of our existing clients (a bit of a TV superstar) had an exciting project they were working on, which posed a collection of challenges for us and our team over a period of time.  Covid had a little impact too just to extend the fun.

The task was to load and deliver a collection of luxury camping pods from the design studio in Lewes (East Sussex) to a Winery located Nr Chichester.

Each pod (which you can see below) consisted of 3 sections weighing a max of 8tons.  Pretty chunky structures which took some heavy duty gear to move, transport and position.

It wasn’t just the weight that was a factor here.  The pods and part pods were wide too.  You’ve all seen a wide load from time to time heading down the road, but what you might not know is the work that has to go into the organisation of these, and the skills of the drivers and escort team.  Our planners look after the following before the vehicles even leave the collection point.

  • Notifications to the Chief Officer of Police through all areas of travel. With adequate notice.
  • The proposed and planned route(s)
  • Full declarations of the overall length, width and height of the load
  • High visibility markers at the front and rear of the vehicle and or load
  • Secure loading (including chains, straps, netting etc….)
  • Police escort (if necessary)

Click to head to our Wide Loads, Abnormal load and Escort Services Page.

The lifting operation was to be undertaken as a full contract lift. A service which is very much advised for almost all lifting operations. Bringing Sussex Transport in to manage the full lift meant that the clients did not have to shoulder the responsibility of planning, organising and managing the operation (there are a lot of risks to consider and avoid!).

In this case, the full service resulted in us carrying out site surveys, discussing the requirements and solutions with the pod designers and purchasers, then the creation of a full transport and lifting plan including risk assessments and method statements.

With delivery date looming we set about organising and supplying the suitable artic units, mobile crane (at collection and delivery points), ground matting, specialist lifting accessories and the qualified personnel. Including appointed person, lift supervisor, slinger signaller, escort team and of course the drivers. We also provided the route planning, necessary permits, and escort vehicles.

Well that’s quite enough about the how, lets move onto the when, what and where.

This operation commenced in June 2020 and was completed this February whilst adhering to COVID rules and compliance.  Ready for the opening of the new accommodation, and 2021’s staycationers!

The winery in question is Ashling park who have made the exciting, and we think superb move into accommodation.  Combining the local area (Kingley Vale Nature Reserve, Witterings beach and more) with these stunning pods and great local wine seems an excellent decision.

Lets take a moment to appreciate these pods – Built by Will Hardie of TV’s Amazing Spaces and located at

And of course, once you’ve finished salivating over a stay in glorious West Sussex do give us a shout if you have any logistics problems to solve. No job is too big, or too small for our team.  Simply call us on 0800 9152323, head to our contact us page, or complete our lifting form.

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