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Sussex Transport’s road freight services extend beyond the standard, offering tailored solutions for businesses looking to move goods locally, nationally, or internationally. Our expertise in navigating logistics complexities ensures that we can adapt to the varied demands of our clients, making us a preferred choice for efficient and reliable transportation.

What is Road Freight?

Road freight is the mode of transport for goods being moved using vehicles that travel on the roads, most commonly, trucks, but also smaller vehicles like vans.

Road freight is most commonly used for businesses that require moving their goods from within a region, country and of course internationally.

Here at Sussex Transport, Road Freight is our most popular method of transport for goods going in or out of the EU. We can offer a variety of services, fit for your businesses needs.

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Road Freight Options

Dedicated FTLs – Full Truck Loads

This is the most cost effective and fastest way of transporting bulk goods via Road. We can provide you with a truck to transport your goods from A to B, with no cross-handling along its journey, we can also provide you with customs clearance in both the UK and EU if required.

LTLs / Groupage – Less than Truck Loads

LTLs, and Road groupage, are services whereby your goods are grouped onto a truck, along with numerous other customer’s goods, all heading towards the same destination. When using groupage, your goods will be cross handled in and out of numerous distribution hubs along its journey. LTLs cater for larger shipments, still less than full truck loads, whereas groupage caters for smaller shipment. We can also provide you with customs clearance in both the UK and EU if required.

Dedicated Transport

If you want to move your goods by road but won’t fill up a lorry, and time is of the essence, we can supply you with an efficient, cost-effective method of moving your goods by road. Our team of experts would hand pick the most appropriately based supplier and vehicle to fit your requirements. Where appropriate, we also send our own fleet of Sussex Transport trucks into the EU.

Exhibition Freight

Here at Sussex Transport we excel in moving exhibition goods to and from events in the EU. We understand that Exhibition Freight is almost always extremely time sensitive, with very tight deadlines.

On top of this, a lot of Exhibition Freight are temporary imports/exports, we can provide the customs documents required for ensuring customs treat your goods as a temporary shipment. Rest assured, Sussex Transport can deliver!

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