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Successful HIAB Delivery: Guildford Site

The lifting, planning and driver team has done it again with another successful contract lift for a new construction site in Guildford. The project involved delivering and installing three shipping containers and a portable site cabin to the site, which is preparing for a long-term project.

Contract Lift in Guildford

The contract lift required careful planning and coordination between the Sussex Transport team, the site manager and the health and safety specialist. The planning team reviewed the routes and timings for the delivery, ensuring that the vehicles could access the site safely and efficiently. They also worked with the site to carry out risk assessments and  curate method statements for the installation, taking into account the site conditions and the specifications of the containers and cabin (as well as the drop locations).

The lifting team made use of out fleet of flatbed artics, artic hiabs and wag and drag rigid vehicles to transport and install the containers and cabin. The lorry loader was able to lift the containers over a fence and onto their designated positions on the site, while the artic hiab was able to detatch itself from its trailer and work independently on site to position the cabin and containers. The installation was completed smoothly and within the agreed timeframe.

Job Done

The potentially tricky contract lift, completed with ease was a testament to the team’s expertise and professionalism along with a very understanding and professional client / customer on-site.

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