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Hiab Hire Across Sussex, Surrey, London and the South East

At Sussex Transport, we offer a comprehensive range of lorry-mounted crane vehicles that excel in lifting, positioning, and transporting goods with the utmost precision and safety. 

Whether you're involved in construction or entertainment or have unique transport requirements, our skilled team and modern fleet are here to meet your needs. 

Contact us today for a tailored quote by calling 01903 751100 or emailing sales@sussextransport.com.

What Is A Hiab?

A Hiab, derived from the Swedish brand name "Hydrauliska Industri AB," is a type of lorry loader crane widely used in the UK.

These cranes are also known as 'lorry loader cranes'. They are characterised by their ability to lift, load, and position heavy goods.

The term "Hiab" has become synonymous with this type of equipment, which consists of a crane mounted on a truck, utilising the lorry's engine to power the crane's operations. In the realm of transportation and logistics,

Hiabs play a crucial role in efficiently handling various tasks, from construction projects and plant moves to specialised operations such as machine relocations and factory lifts.

At Sussex Transport, our Hiab trucks stand as a symbol of reliability, versatility, and safety, making them the ideal choice for a wide range of lifting and transport needs.

What Can Hiab Trucks Be Used For?

Hiab trucks are versatile vehicles and can be used across various industries. 

For example, they excel in efficiently lifting and transporting heavy materials in construction projects. 

These trucks also ensure seamless logistics and equipment-handling for entertainment and corporate events. 

And in the realm of portable accommodation and containers, Hiabs provide precision in transport and placement. Their capabilities extend to plant moves, offering a safe and reliable solution for relocating industrial machinery. 

Additionally, Hiab trucks are well-suited for specialised projects, showcasing adaptability in tasks such as machine moves and factory relocations.

Why Hire A Hiab With Sussex Transport?


So, why should you choose Sussex Transport?

We are proud to boast a skilled team that operates nationwide with expertise across different industries. 

Our team are all ALLMI/CPCS trained and accredited, holding CSCS cards for access to construction sites. 

Sussex Transport ensures safety with full PPE for the Hiab team, constant certification of Hiab vehicles, and drivers equipped with photographic ID.

With a Waste Carriers Licence and Road Haulage Association membership, Sussex Transport prioritises safety and compliance.

With Sussex Transport, you can be assured our experienced, qualified team can get the job done right on time, every time.

Rigid & Artic Hiab Trucks Available For Hire

Our crane-mounted vehicles boast lifting capacities of up to 80t/m, ensuring that we can meet the demands of a wide range of lifting and transport tasks. 

With a radius reach capability of up to 25m, our Hiabs offer precision and flexibility in handling various loads. 

In addition to our specialised Hiab trucks, our fleet includes:

At Sussex Transport, we provide comprehensive solutions to meet your specific transport requirements, ensuring reliability and efficiency across our entire fleet. 

Contact us today to explore how our Hiab trucks and other specialised vehicles can elevate your lifting and transport experience.

Contact Sussex Transport For More About Our HIAB Hire Services

If you would like to find out more information about our HIAB lorry crane vehicles for hire, contact us today.

Our experts can discuss your needs and make fleet vehicle recommendations.

Call us for a free quote on 01903 751100 or email sales@sussextransport.com

Our Hiab Trucks In Action

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