Moffett Vehicle Hire

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Moffett Vehicle Hire

Also known as Truck-Mounted Forklifts

If you don’t have loading or unloading capabilities, let our Moffett vehicles do it for you.

Truck-mounted vehicles, with Mounty or forklift options, operated by our experienced, fully-qualified personnel, are an ideal, flexible and cost-effective solution.

Utilising the best fleet management technology available on the market today enables us to pinpoint and constantly monitor the real-time movement of our vehicles.

Moffett Vehicle Hire
What Is A Moffett Vehicle?

A Moffett Mounted Vehicle, commonly known as a Moffett, refers to a truck or lorry equipped with a detachable, forklift-like apparatus mounted on its rear. This mounted forklift, known as a Moffett Mounty or truck-mounted forklift, is lightweight, highly maneuverable, and designed to be carried on the back of a trailer or truck, thus not requiring additional transportation.

Benefits Of Moffetts

Versatility and Accessibility: Moffett forklifts can operate on diverse terrains, from rough construction sites to urban roads, making them suitable for a wide range of applications. Their compact size and maneuverability allow them to access tight spaces where traditional forklifts or heavy machinery cannot.

Increased Efficiency: Having a forklift readily available on site eliminates the wait times typically associated with offloading goods, significantly speeding up the delivery and handling process. This efficiency is particularly beneficial in time-sensitive industries.

Cost-Effectiveness: By combining transportation and lifting capabilities, businesses can reduce operational costs. There’s no need to hire separate lifting equipment upon delivery, and the ability to self-load and unload reduces dependency on external equipment and labor.

Enhanced Safety: Moffett forklifts are designed with safety in mind, featuring stable designs and safety mechanisms that reduce the risk of accidents during loading and unloading processes.

Space-Saving Design: The forklift’s compact design and the ability to mount it on the rear of a vehicle save valuable space on the transport vehicle, allowing for more goods to be transported.

Flexibility for Various Industries: Moffett mounted vehicles are invaluable across multiple sectors, including construction, agriculture, recycling, and logistics, offering tailored solutions like specialised forks for specific materials or conditions.

Why Choose Sussex Transport?

At Sussex Transport, we offer a wide range of Moffett Mounty and Forklift vehicles, specialising in lifting, positioning and transporting goods nationwide.

Whether you need a short or long-term hire, our service covers one week to six years.

  • When you hire a Moffett vehicle from Sussex Transport, you can be assured that:
  • All of our Moffett vehicle operators are ALLMI trained and accredited.
  • They will hold a CSCS card, allowing them access to almost any construction site in the UK.
  • Our team wears full PPE (Hi-Vis, Safety boots, Hard hat, Safety glasses etc.).
  • Full risk assessments and method statements will be undertaken on request.

In addition, Sussex Transport is a member of the Road Haulage Association, and we hold a Waste Carrier’s License.


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