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Transporting Red Phone Boxes

Are you considering buying a red telephone box?  Perhaps you are planning to pop it into your garden in a quest to preserve your own little piece of the UK’s history.  Or maybe you are planning to do something exciting with it like plenty of others across the UK (see below).

Either way, its safe transport from its current home to yours is another one of those niche services that we offer and one that we do very well.

The red telephone box, originally for use solely as public telephone holders, was designed by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott and can be seen in many a location across the United Kingdom, Malta, Bermuda and Gibraltar.

The red was designed to make them easy to spot. As such you may notice them in gardens across the country.  They are also popping up far further afield as people purchase them from sellers all over and convert / store or use them for all sorts.

Before we show you some very cool things people have done with the telephone boxes we thought it wise to show you a recent move we did earlier this month on one of our HIAB crane vehicles. From site to its new home, this phone box (which is due a restoration) was safely strapped, lifted, transported and located right onto our customers driveway ready for a bit of TLC and a new life.


Restoration is great, but what else can be done with a phone box these days?  Well… We were surprised as we looked into it.

Check this article from NBC – where we’ve got stores, restaurants and even a photo booth!! And this from the BBC with a pub, defibrillator store and a hat shop

Red Phone Boxes

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So if you’ve brought, are thinking of buying and need some advice or some lifting, shifting and transporting expertise then pick up the phone and give us a call on 0800 915 23 23.

You could email us too or complete one of our contact forms but we think given this is all about phone boxes you may as well call.