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Lorry Loader or HIAB Qualifications

If you work in the construction industry and have an HGV license, or drive an HGV and like the idea of expanding your skillset / earning more money in the truck-mounted crane game, the thought may have crossed your mind to look into becoming a lorry loader driver.

Lorry loaders – sometimes known as truck-mounted cranes,‘hiabs’ – are commonly used to help load and unload heavy materials.

They often save construction projects time and multiple trips, allowing labour to be focused on other areas. They can even remove the need for expensive and bulky site cranes.

But what qualifications are needed to drive a lorry loader? And how can you obtain them?

What’s The Difference Between A Lorry Loader And HIAB?

OK, firstly, let’s address the difference between lorry loaders and HIABs.

Essentially, they are the same thing.

HIAB is a Finnish brand name that stands for ‘Hydrauliska Industri AB’.

HIABs are to lorry loaders what Hoovers are to vacuum cleaners.

If you want, you can read more about HIABs and their use in the construction industry.

Do I Need A Qualification To Drive A Lorry Loader?

In short, the answer to whether you need a qualification to drive a lorry loader is ‘yes’.

In order to operate the vehicle and its hydraulic crane, you will need to have completed lorry loader training in the setting up, assessment and execution of various lifting processes.

It is a legal requirement for lorry loaders to be operated by ‘trained competent persons’.

According to the Health and Safety Authority, a person is deemed to be competent if they are “trained and experienced, and know how to safely carry out LLC operations, having regard to the nature of the hazards involved.”

What Qualifications Do I Need To Drive A Lorry Loader / hiab vehicle?

There are a couple of nationally recognised qualifications that would allow you to operate a hiab or Lorry Loader.

They include an ALLMI or NPORS certificate.

Sussex Transport provides Lorry Loader / hiab training for anyone wanting to operate various sizes of lorry loader cranes, using different types of attachments and remote controls in the workplace.

• The course lasts up to two days and includes:
• Carrying out pre-start and running checks of the carrier vehicle & lifting appliance
• Configure the lorry loader & carrier vehicle for site & road travel
• Manoeuvre the carrier vehicle into position in order to carry out lifting exercises
• Set up carrier vehicle to carry out lifts at minimum & maximum radii
• Load vehicle in accordance with industry practices
• Secure loads on vehicle bed in accordance with industry practices
• Remove and reattach accessories if required
• Place machine in and out of service condition
• Explain loading and unloading procedures

In addition to the ALLMI or NPORS qualifications, we also offer in-house Sussex Transport | Training Division accreditation.

Find out more about our Lorry Loader training.