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A HIAB Explanation

What is a hiabHIAB is a brand name that owned by the Finnish company, Hydrauliska Industri AB, who in our lifting and haulage industry enjoy a reputation much like ‘hoover’ do in the vacuum industry. The HIAB cranes they supply are truck mounted cranes that allow a lorry or truck to self-load and unload.

The generic term for this piece of equipment can be one of many and is generally associated with it being part of the vehicle, so….  “Truck mounted crane”, “lorry mounted crane”, “lorry mounted loader” or “hydraulic lorry loader”.  Aside from HIAB you may also here the names of other manufacturers such as Palfinger, Fassi or Cormach for example.

Hiab is not only the most commonly known but the most widely recognised name in the industry.  Hence the use in many texts and conversations. Well done to Hydrauliska Industri AB!

Sussex Transport operate a varied fleet of crane vehicles and cranes from a collection of manufacturers.  As with all technologies certain cranes are better in certain situations and types of body build than others, so we let the design of the truck and the industries we operate in dictate our ordering profiles. Lucky for you, uur varied fleet size and crane size enable us to cover all of our customers’ weird and wonderful demands.

The Top 5 items we get asked to lift and transport are…

  • Construction Site Accommodation including Cabins, Offices and welfare units
  • Modular buildings
  • Shipping Containers (Converted, empty or part loaded)
  • Tanks, air conditioning systems and other industrial units
  • Lighting & Signage (Garage & Shopping Centre Totems as well as LED signs / advertising)

This is by no means an exhaustive list, we have in the past been asked to transport St George and his horse, elephants, dogs, snail structures and not forgetting BBC’s “The Stig”.

There are countless more (slightly less interesting) items that we regularly transport from A to B, but the main attraction of using a Hiab is that it is far more versatile and will generally remove the need for forklifts or mobile cranes to be present at the collection and delivery points.  This not only saves time, but also large amounts of money.  It also ensures a more controlled and streamlined operation by utilising the same vehicle and team to carry out the entire lift and shift programme.

If you have something that you need lifting, moving or maybe a combination of both and you need some help or advise just pick up the phone and call Sussex Transport now on 0800 915 23 23 or fill in our form to get a hiab transport quote