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At Sussex Transport, we take pride in delivering exceptional logistic solutions for our clients, and a recent project for Milwaukee Power Tools was just that – even if we do say so ourselves.

In this post we detail our successful operation of transporting and setting up show units for Milwaukee Tools’ event at The Fabrique Exhibition Centre in Utrecht, Netherlands.

The Challenge: Milwaukee Power Tools approached us with a unique challenge: to transport two shipping containers, converted into show units, from the UK to the Netherlands for an event. Two containers on a truck, thats not too tricky you say, but at the other end we had work to do.  These containers were not just cargo; they were the centerpiece of Milwaukee’s exhibition, requiring careful handling and precise placement within the exhibition hall.

Our Approach: Our dedicated team, led by driver Greg with his Rear Crane Hiab vehicle, was tasked with loading the units in the UK, transporting them across the channel, and offloading them at The Fabrique Exhibition Centre. You can learn more about the vehicle used for this operation here.

Execution: Upon arrival in Utrecht, our team skillfully offloaded the units. But the job didn’t end there. We then skated the units into their final show position inside the hall – a task that required precision and expertise, considering the size and value of the cargo.

Project Conclusion: After the successful conclusion of the event, we replicated the process in reverse, ensuring the units were safely transported back to the UK. This project was not just about transport; it was about delivering a comprehensive logistic solution that met the high standards of Milwaukee Power Tools and the specifics of an international event.

This project with Milwaukee Power Tools exemplifies Sussex Transport’s capability to handle intricate logistic operations, both domestically and internationally. Our team’s ability to adapt and deliver in varying conditions underscores our commitment to providing top-notch logistic services, no matter the complexity.

For more information about our logistic services and how we can support your next event or project, please contact us.