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Rear Mounted Crane Addition

This week we’ve welcomed another new vehicle to the fleet here at Sussex Transport!

And it’s more exciting than usual (for us truck and crane lovers) as it’s our first ever rear-mounted crane.  We’ve selected a Volvo FH Globetrotter Tridem chassis with an impressive carrying capacity of over 10ton.

The crane parked on the rear end is a Palfinger 58t/m, with a reach capability of 16 metres  where it is capable of lifting 2.7ton.

Another first for us, is that the crane is also fitted with Palfinger ‘P’ fold system.  In summary, this is designed with operator safety in mind and enables the crane to fold and unfold at the touch of 1 lever only.

What is the Palfinger P-Fold System (video also below)

P-Fold is a new PALFINGER assistance system. It makes folding and unfolding an easy job for the operator. The P-Fold system also works in combination with the innovative RTC (Rope Tension Control). Both systems perfectly support the crane’s set-up processes and thus reduce set-up times to a minimum. The operator will be guided safe and clearly thanks to the intuitive menu navigation of the new PALcom P7 – a major benefit also for inexperienced operators. In addition to the significant increase in operator comfort, the prevention of damage on vehicle, load and rope is another important point.

We also ticked the box to ensure our latest crane was fitted with the Palfinger weigh system, which gives the operator an exact digital readout on the remote control of the load weight on the hook.  Check out more here

Enough of that we hear you say, let’s see it!

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