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Construction Logistics, Lifting & Haulage

artic hiab office cabin moveConstruction Haulage and lifting of sales suites is something we undertake a lot across Sussex, Surrey and the South of England.  Usually, these jobs are planned and booked in advance but last week one of our housebuilder clients had a last minute problem due to another haulier failing to make it to the site.

These things happen in the haulage industry, vehicle or crane breakdowns, driver illness & more. As always, our planning and driver team did their very best to help. 

For this client, the move was a critical one, and one that could not wait.  The relocation of a Sales Suite was planned and needed to happen.

Lucky for the client, we managed to shift some jobs around on our HIAB fleet and free up an Artic Hiab.  Once the vehicle collected it’s thoroughly versatile step frame trailer we sent driver and Hiab to Surrey where it was able to lift, transport and then offload at the new site in West Sussex.

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These sales suites are often pretty large. This one was classed as an abnormal load. So the team also provided the necessary escort vehicle and permits to ensure a safe, smooth and hassle-free move.

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