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As a leader in the industry and FORS approved provider, we take pride in offering a comprehensive solution for businesses seeking to streamline their logistics operations.

Our fleet of articulated lorries, trailers, flatbeds, Moffetts and Low Loaders travel the country offering full and backload return rates.

Whether navigating through the challenges of moving substantial loads or aiming to enhance your supply chain efficiency, our articulated lorries are ready to meet your unique transportation needs.

With a proven track record of professionalism and a commitment to excellence, Sussex Transport is your trusted partner for artic transport solutions.

Artic Hiab Tractor Unit
What Is An Articulated Lorry?

An articulated lorry – commonly referred to as an “artic” – represents the epitome of versatility and efficiency in the world of transportation.

Comprising two distinct components—the tractor unit and the detachable trailer—this engineering marvel redefines cargo hauling by seamlessly combining robust load capacity with manoeuvrability.

The artic’s modular design enables it to navigate through varying terrains and navigate tight spaces, making it an essential asset across industries that demand reliable and adaptable transportation solutions.

Benefits Of Artic Transport

Articulated lorries for your goods transportation needs offers several advantages that can enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your logistics operations:

Ample Goods Capacity: Articulated lorries are designed to carry substantial cargo. They allow you to transport larger quantities of goods in a single trip, reducing the need for multiple journeys and saving time and resources.

Enhanced Efficiency: The increased goods capacity translates into higher operational efficiency. With fewer trips, you can streamline your transportation process, reducing fuel consumption and overall transportation costs.

Flexible Manoeuvrability: Despite their size, articulated lorries are surprisingly agile. The articulation point between the tractor and trailer enables smoother turns and better negotiation of tight spaces, allowing your goods to reach their destination through various routes.

Time and Cost Savings: Combining larger cargo loads and optimised routes results in significant time and cost savings. Articulated lorries efficiently move more goods in less time, making your logistics operations more productive and economical.

Environmental Considerations: Transporting more goods in fewer trips not only benefits your bottom line but also reduces your carbon footprint. By optimising your transportation process, you contribute to more sustainable business practices.

Why Choose Sussex Transport For Your Artic Vehicles?
With decades of industry experience, we bring unmatched expertise to ensure efficient goods transportation.
We utilise the best fleet management technology available on the market today enabling us to pinpoint and constantly monitor the real-time movement of our vehicles.
All Sussex Transport vehicles are rigorously maintained and extremely well presented.
Our fully uniformed drivers are highly proficient, professional and courteous.


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