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Qualities of a Good Appointed Person

In our previous post, we looked at what an ‘Appointed Person’ in lifting operations is and what professional training was required to become one.

But can anyone become an appointed person? Or do you need any specific prior experience and/or qualifications?

In theory, anyone can become an appointed person with the proper training.

But if you’re wondering if the role is suitable for you, here are some suggested qualities that could help prepare you for an appointed person position.

Experience Goes A Long Way

The role of an appointed person in lifting operations is extremely important, with the responsibility of site safety resting squarely on that person’s shoulders.

It is also quite technically challenging, with our training programme testing delegates’ theoretical and practical skills.

Therefore, it would be beneficial to have previous, demonstrable experience of lifting operations in a management or supervisory position.

A crane supervisor’s qualification would be helpful, as would previous experience working as a slinger, signaller, vehicle marshaller, rigger and/or crane operator.

In terms of other skills, having a good understanding of spoken and written English is essential. Among a collection of other skills, an appointed person must also be analytical – with the ability to carry out basic mathematical calculations – inquisitive, a good communicator with the confidence to ask others for advice if needed.

Does this sound like the perfect role for you?

Find out more about our Appointed Person training course, including:

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  • Course Assessment

Thank you for reading, and good luck with your training!