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CLOCS Overview and Implementation


What is CLOCS?

Good question! In simple terms CLOCS is an abbreviation of Construction Logistics and Community Safety.  A national standard aimed at ensuring all stakeholders in the construction industry follow a best practise when it comes to health and safety.  Not just of those in their employee base, but everything beyond and inside the hoardings.  CLOCS requires collaboration from all parties to eliminate and prevent serious injuries / collisions and fatalities involving all vehicles operating at construction projects, there is also a special focus on vulnerable road users including but not limited to pedestrians, cyclists and motorbikes.

Is there a CLOCS Standard?

Absolutely, CLOCS has developed and released a national standard for construction logistics which ensures road safety is managed and adhered to by fleet operators such as ourselves.

A host of standards, policies and codes of practice were collated into a common standard, providing a collaborative response to road safety which has undoubtedly saved, and will continue to save lives.

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Are FORS and CLOCS the same?

FORS (Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme) and CLOCS work together to keep compliance simple.  They are compatible, and working with a haulier who is compliant and aware is certainly a best practice. Check out this Youtube video from FORS to find out a little more.

What do contractors or a fleet operator have to consider?

Construction companies, clients, and contractors:

  • Construction logistics plan.
  • Suitability of site for vehicles fitted with safety features.
  • Site access and egress.
  • Vehicle loading and unloading.
  • Traffic routing.
  • Control of site traffic, particularly at peak hours.
  • Supply chain compliance.

CLOCS Transport and Haulage providers:

  • Quality operation.
  • Collision reporting.
  • Traffic routing.
  • Blind-spot minimisation.
  • Warning signage.
  • Under-run protection
  • Vehicle manoeuvre warnings.
  • Training and development.
  • Driver licensing.

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