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Moffett Forklift Transport to Scotland

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a forklift truck on site to help unload a great big artic truck full of goodies.  Having a forklift onsite is not exactly cheap.  It’s not just the cost of the forklift truck. You’ve got to maintain it and train your operators.  You may only need one every now and then, or you may quite simply have nowhere to store it.

So whatever the reason for not having loading or unloading capabilities at the collection or delivery point, a truck mounted forklift can be the solution.  Also called a Moffett

So what is a Moffett? 

A Moffett is a forklift truck, mounted to a lorry.  With a Moffett, a delivery driver can self load and unload at destinations without forklifts, or without having to wait for on site forklift trucks and operators. A Moffett forklift attaches directly to the back of the delivery vehicle (often articulated vehicles) and still leaves 100% of the space on the vehicle.

Take a look at the video and gallery below where you can see one of our Moffetts in action as it unloaded a full artic load of insulation material for a client in Scotland.

If you have a logistics problem or are hunting for the perfect moffett mounted forklift partner, then get in touch with our expert team via 0800 915 23 23, send us an email or via our contact form.


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