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Moffett Deliveries Across SE England


“A pump truck and tail lift won’t do the job”

“The load is too awkward”

“A crane vehicle isn’t right for me”

“There is no forklift at the collection or delivery point”

“The ground is no good for pallet trucks or regular forklift”

These are very common problems with industrial, commercial and residential sites and indeed a growing number of deliveries.  The palletised load becomes a headache and it becomes time for the Superheros with their Moffett’s.

One of the most versatile delivery options, a Moffett mounted truck sits conveniently at the rear of our trucks.  Not impacting on your load space and making offloading a breeze.

We’ll arrive on site and be ready to get to work just a few minutes.

With a “Moffett” (a truck mounted forklift), our drivers can unload cargo without waiting for assistance.

We’ve moved countless regular pallets with moffetts forklifts and some others.  Glass, sculptures, stillages and much much more.

Why not put us to the test for your moffett project.

Simply call our transport team now on 01903 751100 or email

Moffett Forklift Sussex

* Image for illustration purposes only.  Our current moffetts travel one way and cannot turn the front wheels like the photo.