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National Lorry Week Celebration

The Road Haulage Association is staging a national awareness campaign, ‘National Lorry Week’. From 26th – 31st October 2015. Representing companies that between them operate approximately 100,000 heavy goods vehicles across the UK, the campaign has been developed to highlight the vital role that lorries and road freight play in moving the economy and their impact on daily life.

The theme of the week is ‘Love the Lorry’.

85 per cent of everything we eat, wear and buy and use is moved, at some point, on the back of a UK-registered lorry.

The UK haulage industry employs over 2.2 million people and contributes £74.5B to the economy

British public should be very proud of its road haulage industry.

Suffering a massive driver shortage across the UK means that this campaign is a perfect way to highlight the industry as a great career opportunity and ensures that the industry and the drivers get recognition for the essential service they provide.

Here at Sussex Transport we LOVE our lorries and we are proud of our dedicated and hard working team of drivers !

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