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London Pallet Storage Service

There is no doubting the fact that space and land are at a premium in and around our capital. As a result, the cost of warehousing and storage can be pretty brutal.  Is it time to consider moving your external storage a little further away but still within easy reach?

A transport company who are always in and around London, can shunt and provide quality warehousing space is your answer.

Whether you are looking to outsource your bulk storage, have outgrown your current facility, decided to buy more stock than you need so as to have better buying power or are just pre-empting the outcome of “Brexit”?

Whatever your reasoning we at Sussex Transport can offer you the customer total flexibility and dedication along with top quality Warehouse facilities.

So, whether you are looking to store 10 pallets or a 1000 pallets, for 2 weeks or 2 years, we can accommodate. We have multiple storage units over 4 different sites all of varying size and layout and we are sure to have the right type of space to suit. The great thing and a major benefit about pallet storage with us is that it’s pay as you go – charged by the week or part of.

There are numerous other benefits of using Sussex Transport for your pallet storage

  • Subsidised haulage using our fleet – helping get your pallets to us
  • Container de-vanning – so you can send your containers straight in
  • International Freight Import services – so we can organise your pallets inbound
  • European road haulage – delivery/collection to and from the continent
  • Class-leading third-party logistics software for warehouse management
  • Live logins to view your stock and place orders
  • Pallet network or dedicated haulage to deliver and collect pallets just in time

Outsourcing your warehousing is effective and economical for a start, you don’t need to employ your own forklift drivers or a pick and pack team. Neither is there the outlay of rates and upkeep costs of your own dedicated building. That’s all part of the ‘package’ when you rent the space from Sussex Transport! Whether it be a long or short term arrangement.

Your goods are in safe hands with Sussex Transport.

  • Inspected on arrival for condition and quantity; damage or discrepancies are noted and reported.
  • Stored in a dry and clean environment.
  • Protected by ADT CCTV and VESDA fire prevention system.

Start enjoying the benefits of Sussex Transport Pallet Storage and Warehousing for yourself – Call us on 0800 915 23 23 or complete our pallet storage enquiry form