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Isle of Wight Hospice HIAB Lift

Last week we sent driver Greg on a sunny trip to Wales and then onto the Isle of Wight.

Deliveries into the NHS and Healthcare front line during the current Covid 19 Pandemic have always made us feel proud of those putting their lives on the line but this one was particularly special and blog worthy.

The job was fairly normal for our HIAB and Lifting Team.  Drive to a location in South Wales, to collect, safely lift, and secure a refurbished shower block for onward transport to the Isle of Wight.

This shower block was then delivered to the Mountbatten Hospice in Newport, Isle of Wight where it is now being used by nurses after each home visit, to stop cross-infection of COVID-19.

Upon arrival Greg spotted and captured some wonderful artwork on the road.

Mountbatten Hospice Artwork

A spokesperson from Mountbatten said “A new rainbow heart and ‘thank you’ message has been painted at the entrance to the Newport hospice after a request was made to highways company Island Roads to help create a highly visible appreciation for hard-working staff.

Staff and volunteers at Mountbatten will get a daily reminder of how much the Island appreciates the work they are doing in the frontline of the fight against Covid-19.”

Take a peek at the video below.

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