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Hiab Lorry Loader for Crane

More and more construction projects require safe and heavy lifting of component parts into position as modular building and offsite manufacturing become more the norm.

In many cases a flatbed artic or rigid flatbed turns up with items ready for onsite crew to lift into place with hired machinery like telehandlers, or for mobile cranes to lift from the vehicle into position.

The extra costs and logistics involved in the above two scenarios can add cost and time to a project.

In a recent project undertaken near Winnersh, Berkshire we provided the construction team with vast cost and time savings on a bridge / walkway job.

Utilising our Artic Hiab and extending trailer we were able to collect 18 steel decks and deliver straight to site.  Where we were also able to lift each piece up and into the walkway zones. All with the same vehicle.

Our expert team can supply all the following elements ourselves under a contract lift service but in this case our client contracted us in via a CPA crane hire agreement and as such supplied all the relevant documentation, qualified lifting team and necessary traffic permits and traffic protection.

If you have a contract lift or lifting project pending, or are looking for lifting advice for a then get in touch with our expert team via 0800 915 23 23email or on our lifting contact form.