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UK Warehousing Standards

The UKWA produce guidelines for a reason. These guidelines keep staff and goods secures, safe and in good condition. If you are after a warehousing service then ensure your chosen facility adheres to the regulations listed below.

  1. Guidance to various H&S advice such as managing smoking, changing the culture is available at
  2. Workplace Transport Guidelines
  3. Relevant Safety Signs
  4. Warehousing and Storage free leaflet or priced publication HSG 76 available on the same link
  5. Asbestos advice
  6. Hazardous substances
  7. Managing sickness absence and return to work
  8. Manual Handling assessment
  9. Prevent slips and trips
  10. Manage your risk
  11. Working in the hot or cold
  12. Stress at work
  13. Young people
  14. Relevant Safety Signs
  15. Tips on effective risk assessment
  16. Background information on COMAH