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Brighton Hospital Portable Cabin

This week has seen one of our artic hiabs or truck mounted cranes transporting numerous portable cabins and welfare units to a holding site just north of Brighton.

Due to the tight access at the Hospital, our driver with rigid hiab proceeded to collect the portable cabins and welfare units from the closer proximity of the holding area and then ferried them individually to their final destination where he took instructions from our customers’ site manager as to where they wanted them lifted and positioned.

All cabins had to be positioned in sequence so it was imperative that both drivers had been fully briefed prior to commencement of the move, failure to understand the instructions could easily have resulted in the cabins arriving in the incorrect order and causing chaos due to the lack of space on site… it wasn’t unfortunately just a case of taking cabins in numerical order because they weren’t actually numbered it was more a case of taking cabins from specific areas at the storage location and then ensuring that they were placed in order at the holding area ready for the rigid hiab driver to take the correct cabins in the order the customer needed them to arrive on site.

On completion the customer was very happy with the service he had received and thanked both our drivers for their expertise and professionalism on a successful days work… he was so impressed that he has even pre-booked his next job ahead of time and asked for the same two drivers doing exactly the same thing again.

We are very fortunate that there is a lot of work centered around the Brighton area and with Brighton being right on our doorstep, our diverse fleet of vehicles and professional drivers it makes us the perfect partner for getting the job done!!

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