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Air Conditioning Transport & Delivery

Sussex Transport pride themselves on having a number of partnerships with other transport companies based all over the UK and a little while ago we were asked by one of these partners based in the North of England for some assistance with a job that was local to us in Sussex.

The job specification was to take initial delivery from abroad into our depot of a number of industrial sized air conditioning units, store them for two weeks and then to transport them to site, offload and site them using a hiab (truck mounted crane), this was all to be completed on a Sunday when the building was to be empty and there would be no health and safety risk to the general public.

The delivery, as arranged arrived at our depot and the foreign trailers were promptly offloaded with one of our heavy duty forklifts.  The units were then placed safely in a holding area pending their delivery to site.

Two weeks later we took the airconditioning units out of their holding area, placed the lifting strops through the lifting eyes of the individual units in preparation for the lift at the other end, we then loaded and secured them on to two of our artic flatbed trailers, one trailer to be pulled by a standard artic tractor unit and the other by our artic hiab unit.

Then early on the Sunday morning they were transported directly to site where our drivers met with the engineers who were there to install the air conditioning units and to oversee the entire operation. On arrival at site our artic hiab driver unhitched from his trailer so as to position and set himself up with enough room to enable him to lift the units off both the trailers, both trailers were moved, strategically placed and unstrapped for him by the other driver.

Once everybody was ready and the crane had been attached to the already positioned lifting strops our hiab operator very slowly and carefully to avoid any swing expertly lifted each unit from the trailers and guided by the engineers placed them one by one in situ on the plinth that had been built especially for the purpose of supporting them.

Our part in the whole process was a considerably small part but was nevertheless imperative to the overall success of the operation with each company working together and playing their individual roles.

Sussex Transport regularly work in partnership with other companies and we like to pride ourself on being considered as a professional extension to their businesses, so if we can assist you or you are looking for a partnership of any description please call us on 0800 915 23 23 to discuss in further detail.