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Ewe-nique Art Trail

It’s that time of year again and we’ve been busy helping out the wonderful local charity – Martlets, with the initial stages of the Art Trail that is set to hit Brighton and Hove this autumn.

The Team have had this to say on their site “Join us for our baa-rilliant  art trail featuring much-loved children’s character Shaun the Sheep and his friends.  Visit over 40 individually designed sculptures displayed around Brighton & Hove’s streets, parks and other public areas between 9 September – 5 November.  

 Shaun and his friends are a group of unique characters who flock together for fun and adventure. Brighton & Hove is a vibrant and eclectic city and Shaun by the Sea will help celebrate individuality and diversity, while also highlighting the importance of coming together as one supportive community.  

As with Martlets previous art trails, Snowdogs and Snailspace, Shaun by the Sea will be created in partnership with Wild in Art. Our flock of colourful sheep will provide a 3D canvas, and creative inspiration, for a wealth of art and design from a carefully curated mix of well-known and emerging local artists.”

We’ve recently collected the flock ready for the artists to get to work and we are super pleased to confirm that we’ve got our very own sheep pending.  Hopefully in our usual spot on Hove Seafront.  We can’t tell you a lot about our Shaun yet for a couple of reasons.

  1. We’ve been told not to
  2. Our artists are anonymous

What we can say though is that our sheep is called the Postman – they’ll be covered in colourful artwork with signature pop art elements and references.

Why pop art? – well our sheep is being decorated by a globally known street artists group called ‘The Postman’. Celebrating popular culture in collaboration with some of the world’s most renowned Rock’n’Roll photographers they work directly with artists like Noel Gallagher, The Levellers and the Bob Marley Foundation, as well as London’s Saatchi Gallery. Their artworks are colourful, joyous and inclusive in nature. They work with multiple mediums and do large mural installations around the world.  How cool is that!

There are plenty of other sponsors and partners like us who are providing a range of support to get the trail on the streets of Brighton & Hove and we wish everyone the very best of luck.

In the meantime, here are a few pics of our baa-rilliant collection – don’t forget to visit the site and lock these dates into your diary.

shauns on the truck