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Sussex Transport Hot Tub Moves

Moving your hot tub or spa may seem like a daunting task – but it needn’t be! At Sussex Transport we are familiar with this challenge, having carried out this sort of job on numerous times up and down the UK.

Lifting Hot Tub Crane

So… Your hot tub has been delivered and left on the drive, you’ve moved into a house and someone has left you a tub you dont want, or you are moving and need to figure out how to get yours out, or yours into your new house.   Worry no more.

Our HIAB vehicles are perfect to move your hot tub around Sussex, Surrey, London, Kent and Hampshire.  The crane, mounted on the vehicle really comes into its own in a situation such as this giving us the ability to lift the hot tub over walls / fences and more.

Hot tubs come in a variety of shapes and sizes; from the soft tubs which can just be rolled along (once empty, of course) quite easily, to the more rigid, much larger, luxury ones which can cost thousands of pounds! They can be shifted on dollies and pallets quite successfully, but once you’ve invested so much hard of your earned into that hot tub of your dreams why not have it lifted safely and smoothly to its new location.

Hot Tub Over House

Its time to let Sussex Transport collect and move your hot tub using specialist crane equipment mounted on one of our dedicated HIAB vehicles? Don’t let the worries bubble up – we can wash away your fear with our dedicated transport service!

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