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Surrey Swim Spa HIAB

Just last week we mentioned a swim spa delivery in Surrey when discussing a day in surrey and london with the hiab. Well here at Sussex Transport we pride ourselves on being able to transport pretty much anything and everything that our customers ask us to and of any shape or size.  So when we were asked by one of our customers to move a 4.6m x 2.3m swim spa direct from their premises to its new home in Surrey we jumped right in.

Our customer has been in the hot tub trade for many years but just lately finds he is selling more and more swim spas.  Aside from the usual family enjoyment of a hot tub, swim spas offer that little extra.

  • Health benefits for individuals who suffer with joint problems or arthritis.
  • Destressing (for those with demanding lifestyles who want to relax in the motion of the warm water and massage jets
  • Sleep improvement (it has been said that hot tubs help aid restful sleep)
  • Muscle rejuvenation
  • Not forgetting that they offer a great daily swim.  One of the best forms of exercise no matter your age or ability.

hiab swim spa into gardenOur hiab driver arrived at our customers’ warehouse to collect the swim spa which was ready and waiting. It had been encased in black polythene within a sturdy wooden framework complete with lifting eyes, our driver threaded his strops through the eyes and with the aid of a spreader bar and our truck mounted crane he carefully loaded the swim spa. Once successfully loaded and secured he was soon on his way to sunny Surrey.

Our customer went on ahead of our driver and was on site at the delivery point to oversee the driver offloading and siting the swim spa at the customers’ premises… all part of the service!! Once our customer and their client were happy we left the engineers to do their job and got on our way to our next assignment….

If you are a commercial swim spa or hot tub seller and are looking for expert help when hiabs are needed across London, Sussex and the Home Counties we are here to offer help and advise.  Just pick up the phone and call Sussex Transport, we can discuss your requirements in further detail and take away any worry and responsibility of planning, organising and managing the complete operation from start to finish.

Call us now on 0800 915 23 23 and speak to one of our operations team or fill in one of our contact forms…