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Sussex University Challenge

Deliveries last week made by Sussex Transport included a dedicated delivery on a flat bed artic to Aberystwyth University in Wales. According to the 2009 International Student Barometer, Aberystwyth University is probably the best place in the world to be a student and has the highest level of student satisfaction. Aberystwyth ranks number 1 of 123 Higher Education institutions worldwide for the elements good place to be and overall student satisfaction.

In the same week, Sussex Transport delivered goods on a 7.5t lorry to the University of Manchester where 25 Nobel Prize winners have either studied or conducted some of their work. Rutherford began his work on splitting the atom here and the world’s first modern computer also came into being at The Victoria University of Manchester.
Former students of the University of Manchester include Sir Terry Leahy, the Chief Executive of Tesco; TV newsreader Anna Ford; comedian Ben Elton; pioneer of flight Arthur Whitten-Brown; and novelist Anthony Burgess.

Sussex Transport regularly delivers to schools and Universities, where their driver’s experience of adhering to policies and security often come into play.