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Sussex Transport makes daily deliveries across the UK on its fleet of HIAB, Moffetts, 18t, 7.5t, Artics, rigids, curtain siders and sprinter vans.  Last week we made a dedicated delivery of goods to one of the UK’s Amazon warehouses in Bedfordshire.

Amazon started life in 1994 in a small garage in the USA. Named after the Amazon River, the company now employs 38,000 staff across the globe. Amazon serves 137 million customers every week – that’s 19.5m each day!

Growing in popularity every day, Amazon leads the way in book sales – actual books as well as  books which can be downloaded to its ‘Kindle’  which enables users to shop for, download, browse, and read e-books, newspapers, magazines, blogs, and other digital media via wireless networking

Recently, a certain book broke sales records of over one million copies for the Kindle. Despite the popular trilogy only being published in March of this year, Fifty Shades of Grey has already outsold Harry Potter as
the most popular paperback as well!

Whilst many people prefer the idea of an actual book when it comes to reading, the Kindle must be a preferred option when it comes to doing our bit for saving trees… you can save approximately one tree per year if you
replace your daily newspaper with the e-version!

The Amazon rainforest is the largest tropical rainforest in the world, covering over five and a half a million square kilometres (1.4 billion acres). Reports state that currently between three to six billion trees are cut down each year in the Amazon Rainforest in South America!

Currently home to 10% of the world’s known species, the Amazon Rainforest hosts one-fifth of the world’s bird species as well as over  40,000 plant species.

Sussex Transport is home to a fleet of vehicles, a fully uniformed, professional team of drivers and an experienced office base of customer-friendly people ready to chat to you about how we can help with your next requirement.

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