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Sussex Transport are pleased to sponsor a number of worthy causes, so when we were offered the chance to sponsor Dudley Rae in his mission to raise awareness of safe driving charity ‘’ Think Amy ‘’ we felt it was a relevant and worthwhile opportunity  to get involved.

The charity’s purpose is to advance road safety for the public benefit,  particularly by raising awareness of the consequences of driving dangerously and encouraging drivers (especially new and young drivers) to drive safely.

dudleys car

Being a FORS gold accredited haulage firm – we now have a Best Practice specification to work to. All of our new vehicles come with 4 way recordable camera systems, close proximity warning systems, turn-left alarms and VRU signage.

So Dudley’s mission seems a great, relevant charity for us to support!

Dudley explains the reasons for his mission, ‘’ I have worked all my life until a few years ago when I suffered two brain tumours which caused me to lose complete eyesight in my left eye, and a significant loss in my right . I was told I only had a year to live.  I am sure you can imagine this news was absolutely devastating to me and my family.  We received the help and support of a number of charities and other organisations.  I have managed to beat the odds and through several different types of treatment, I came out the other end, although my life is now completely different because of my eyesight.  If the support of these charities wasn’t there I truly believe I would not have made it. ‘’

Our first event is the Motoscape car rally.  We are going to be travelling through 12 different countries from Torquay to Prague, a distance of over 3000 miles there and back –  and all in a car that can cost no more than £300. I have two professional drivers and myself as the navigator (that might be fun with my severe sight impairment)  I need to clarify that this is NOT a race, we are looking raise awareness for the Safe Driving Charity ‘’Think Amy’’. We want young people to see that you can have fun in a car safely.’’

Here at Sussex Transport, we will be following Dudley on his mission and providing regular updates as we receive them from him!

In the meantime, if you wish to donate to any of Dudley’s chosen charities, please follow the links below;

Torbay Holiday Helpers Network

The Roal Marines Association

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