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Sussex Transport  make daily deliveries of kitchens, bathrooms, hot tubs, building materials and palletised goods up and down the UK.

Last week we transported a staircase for a client on an 18t vehicle, from Hampshire to Sussex.

The longest staircase in the world can be found on the slopes of Mount Niesen in the Swiss Alps.

The 11,674 steps are opened to 200 people for one day a year for the Niesenlauf stair run  in June. The record for the event is just over one hour which is remarkably fast considering the number of steps is equivalent
to climbing the Empire State Building more than 7 times!

Visitors to the Piedra de Peñol in Medellín, Colombia, had best be prepared for quite a workout on their way up. There’s no elevator available in this amazing combination of natural and man-made wonders. 649
stairs lead to the top of this 200-meter-tall granite batholith, but the view once you get there is said to be worth the extraordinary effort required.

When Scott Jones decided he wanted a slide inside his home, the quotes he received were too high and he didn’t like the way the designs looked. That is, until he met a specialist woodworker, who devised a wooden slide design using shipbuilding techniques. The resulting corkscrew wood slide, built alongside a set of traditional stairs, is over 16 feet tall and has a 13-foot drop. Looks fun!

Over the last few months, Sussex Transport has been able to offer more flexibility and availability to their clients – especially on some of the larger and heavier deliveries, with the arrival of a brand new HIAB vehicle as well as a new Artic truck!

Why not ask us for a no obligation quote – take the first ‘steps’ to finding out more about us –  feel free to ‘stair’ at our website pages – and then drop us an email at or call 01903 751100 – we promise that our rates never ‘spiral’ out of control and we keep you informed every step of the way!