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Sussex Transport Seasonal Greetings

Transporting goods across the UK and Europe with their fleet of trucks, Sussex Transport are often asked to move and deliver goods further afield. 

Last month we were asked to deliver to Sweden and Holland.

There is a shortage of butter in Norway at the moment and Swedish entrepreneurs are cashing in by offering the sought after spread on websites at a high profit!

Swedish buy-and-sell site on Thursday included a copious number of ads from Swedes offering butter to suffering Norwegians at prices as high as 700 kronor (£64) per kilo.

Many of the sellers offered to deliver the butter to Norwegians desperately in need of the dairy product to fulfil their holiday baking needs, while at least one planned to be selling on-site in Oslo.

Another seller calling himself “The Butter Man” touted what he considered to be a “great deal” involving a single package of Lätta-brand margarine.

“Will trade a TOTALLY NEW package of Lätta for a good steel stringed guitar,” the man writes in the ad, adding that he would prefer a “Gibson or equivalent”.

If an interested buyer doesn’t happen to have a guitar, however, the “The Butter Man” said he would be willing to part with his box of Lätta for “a few thousand kronor”.

This week alone, one site had registered a staggering 124,590 searches for ‘smør’, the Norwegian word for butter, and boasted more than 350 ads from private individuals looking to sell butter made in Sweden, Denmark, or Norway.

Police in Norway apprehended two Swedish men last month with more than 250 kilogrammes of butter after they reportedly had been trying to sell contraband spread at 250 kroner (£27) a packet.

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