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Sussex Transport Eddie Stobart Tribute

A few weeks ago, Sussex Transport made a dedicated delivery of goods to Southend Airport.During the same week, the sad news that haulage giant, Edward Stobart son of Founder Eddie, passed away hit the headlines.

Mr Stobart suffered what were described as “heart problems” and died on Thursday 31st March 2011 in hospital in Coventry.

Back in 2008 Stobart Group purchased Southend Airport and added to it’s already famed haulage company.

In the 1970s Eddie Stobarttook the company from a local firm delivering fertiliser into a road transport and warehousing company. Drivers wore collars and ties, which was unusual at the time, and were also instructed to wave back and honk their horn when signalled by a passer-by. Eddie took the business started by his father, also named Eddie, and built it into the best known haulage company in the UK.

By the 1990s the distinctive trucks, with each cabin bearing a woman’s name, were a common sight on motorways across the UK and Europe. They recruited a legion of fans by giving each lorry a woman’s name.The first was Twiggy in 1976 and others included Suzi and Dolly. The firm even set up its own fan club, which now has more than 25,000 members.

During the Kosovo crisis Eddie Stobart trucks delivered supplies to British forces based in neighbouring Macedonia.

Stobart Spotting will continue and the legacy of Edward Stobart will live on.