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Optimized Export Services Offered

Sussex Transport is very proud of their dedicated Freight Department, who deal with world wide deliveries everyday.

These days just about every passenger flight is carrying some freight along with the passengers and their baggage. Commercial airlines make about 5 to 10 percent of their revenue from hauling freight.
When a package is shipped on your flight, it is usually consolidated with other packages and freight and packed into dedicated containers that fit in the storage area under the passenger compartment.
Some of the freight is also put on pallets, and loose items may be placed in any open spaces that remain.
Shipping companies own many different types of cargo planes. One of the larger ones is the Boeing 747. When configured as a freighter, the Boeing 747-400 can hold about 26,000 cubic feet (736 m3) of cargo.

Since there often isn’t room to drive a forklift truck into the plane to load the pallets, the load floor is equipped with electric rollers. Once a pallet is pushed through the doorway, the electric rollers are used to move it to the front or rear of the cargo hold.

Liner shipping is the service of transporting goods by means of high-capacity, ocean-going ships that transit regular routes on fixed schedules. There are approximately 400 liner services in operation today, most providing weekly departures from all the ports that each service calls. Liner vessels, primarily in the form of containerships and roll-on/roll-off ships, carry about 60 percent of the goods by value moved internationally by sea each year.
Sussex Transport’s dedicated Freight Department are proud to be able to boast deliveries for our customers to Moscow, India, Latvia, Kazakhstan, Slovenia, Shanghai and Belgium….. and that’s just this week!
With over 30 years experience of Export and Shipping work, our Freight Department really do offer a professional and knowledgeable service to our customers across the globe!