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Sussex Transport can deliver a reliable transport and warehousing service from its base in West Sussex.

Last month we made a delivery of furniture on one of our Luton vans to Kensington in Greater London.

Such is the pull of Kensington and Chelsea that seven streets there have made the top 10 priciest list, with average house prices of around £4 million Kensington is home to the highest concentration of expensive properties in the UK

This part of London has always had a glamorous reputation, attracting buyers from the business and entertainment world, and more recently the super-rich from across the world. With a single square foot of land in Kensington costing over £1,100, it is well out of the price range of your typical British homeowner, in fact a lot of the properties here have a sale value of around £19 million – leaving even the luckiest lottery winners struggling to afford a home here!

Outside London, the areas with the most expensive streets are generally located well away from central areas, where buyers are typically attracted by larger properties and more green space.

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