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With a fleet of HIAB’s, Flatbeds, 18t, Sprinters, 7.5t, curtain sides, rigid and Artics, Sussex Transport can move and deliver a variety of loads, no matter how big or small!

Last month we delivered building materials on one of our HIAB’s to Finsbury Square in London.

Finsbury Square was once and area of green space to the east of London known as Finsbury Fields.  As it became a popular area for housing, Tom Smiths cracker business moved in, having outgrown their business in its former location of Goswell Road.

The Christmas cracker was said to have been invented by Mr Smith back in 1840 when he wrapped a sugared almond in a small square of tissue paper – naming them ‘bon bons’ These sold very well around Christmas time, but sales dropped off dramatically thereafter.  In an attempt to lure customers into buying them all year round, he added a novelty in the form of a little love motto in with the sweet.  Having thrown a log on the fire and hearing the crackle as it started to burn, he decided to add even more excitement to his ‘bon bon’ – and the ‘snap’ in the sweet was born!

By 1900 Tom Smith had sold over 13 million crackers – and in early Victorian times, Twelfth Night was officially banned as being too rowdy because of the excessive use of crackers.

Today’s crackers retain the original shape of two twists either end of the cracker, a snap and novelty joke.

If your current supplier makes you feel like snapping ….why not try the services of Sussex Transport – we would like to think our service will leave you pleasantly surprised!

Why not call us for a quote on 01903 751100 or email for a cracking service!