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This month, Sussex Transport has been asked to move a newly carved totem pole measuring 32 feet tall!

Although made before the arrival of Europeans (late 1700s), poles became increasingly popular during the 1800s.  Totem poles are great examples of aboriginal art – the ancient practice of totem carving has been handed down through generations as a way of preserving the history of local native heritage as well as honouring tribal rituals and sacred spirits of people.

Although pole production declined in the early 1900s, they continue to be made today, commissioned by Native communities and produced commercially by artists.


In Britain , at the side of Virginia Water Lake , in the south of Windsor Great Park  there is a 100-foot high Canadian  totem pole given to Queen Elizabeth II , commemorating the centenary of British Columbia .
The thickest totem pole recorded measures 6 feet wide! The Tallest pole measures 173 feet tall! Both are found in British Columbia where totem poles are quite common place!
Sussex Transport will be using one of their 28ft flat bed trucks to move the totem pole which is to be erected in Milton Keynes’ Campbell Park.