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Sussex Transport Smirnoff Event

In October Sussex Transport carried out the transportation, lifting and positioning of the Smirnoff Crate which forms a crucial part of the Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Project.

The Exchange Project is a global project designed to let people from many global countries help exchange ideas about their best night out. The Exchange Crate in a ‘Big Brother’ style is doing a UK tour and inviting people in to put forward their thoughts.

The campaign culminates in consumers from 14 countries swapping the best nightlife experiences they can muster with each other in a series of global parties. This builds towards 14 simultaneous Smirnoff parties in different countries on 27 November. Each country will “export” their party ideas to another country. So Smirnoff’s UK night out could be a Brazilian extravaganza while Australians may experience the best-of-British night out. Other countries taking part include the US, India, Poland, Venezuela, Argentina and Lebanon.

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