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Sussex Transport HIAB Hot Tub

Sussex Transport are familiar with the challenge of moving large  hot tubs from one back garden to another. This is something we have done numerous times now, and a service we can offer UK wide.

One of our HIAB vehicles was deployed for this very purpose last month. To lift and move a very large Hot Tub / Spa from a back garden, over the fence, onto the lorry and taken to it’s new destination. The crane, mounted on the vehicle really comes into its own in a situation such as this; able to lift the hot tub over the garden wall at the rear of the property, where access may sometimes prove to be a little tricky!

Hot tubs come in a variety of shapes and sizes; from the soft tubs which can just be rolled along (once empty, of course) quite easily, to the more rigid, much larger, luxury ones which can cost thousands of pounds!

Hot tubs or spa’s as they are sometimes known were thought to originate as early as 2000 B.C when the ancient Egyptians used baths for therapeutic reasons. The earliest forms of hot tubs were made from small basins in the earth formed by volcanic activity, which were filled with heated sizzling stones, to warm the water!

Would you risk moving your hot tub with a group of well meaning friends? Why not let Sussex Transport collect and move your hot tub using specialist crane equipment mounted on one of their dedicated HIAB vehicles? Don’t let the worries bubble up – we can wash away your fear with our dedicated transport service!