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Sussex Transport UKWA Membership


The United Kingdom Warehousing Association (UKWA) is Britain’s only trade association representing the third party logistics sector.
With its origins in 1944, UKWA is now Britain’s leading trade organisation representing the third party logistics sector.
The Association has over 650 member companies operating nearly 10 million square metres of warehousing from around 2000 depots across the UK.
To become a Full Warehouse member of UKWA we had to undergo a rigorous inspection by a UKWA Council official to ensure that we operate to the highest minimum standards  in 11 critical areas of warehousing. Only by demonstrating that we can comply with these standards would we be able to have our membership application be accepted.

The 11 areas are:

  • Warehouse buildings
  • Warehouse site and perimeter
  • Offices and administration facilities
  • Statutory notices
  • Handling and storage equipment
  • Specialised storage amenities
  • Fire protection measures and equipment
  • Health and safety
  • Insurance
  • Environmental considerations
  • Pest control

To ensure that the highest level of performance is maintained, Sussex Transport is expected to participate in an annual operational audit programme.