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With a fleet of HIAB crane mounted trucks, artic’s, 18t, curtain side, rigid’s, flatbeds, 7.5t, sprinter vans as well as a large, secure warehouse, Sussex Transport are in a great position to provide the very best 360 degree haulage and storage service to it’s customers.

With the arrival of summer, Sussex Transport are gearing up for a very busy summer season of festivals and events up and down the UK …

With plenty of experience delivering to Glastonbury, V Festival and sporting events such as golf tournaments, Rugby, the 2012 Olympics  and Wimbledon Tennis, our increased fleet means we are now even better equipped to assist!

weimbledon delivery

We’ve delivered various loads to Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Championships over the years and it’s always a pleasure to assist with this event!

In 2013 Andy Murray won the men’s singles – the first Brit in 77 years since Fred Perry!  A fact we are all well aware of now!

But were you aware of ….

  •  Tim Henman was the first-ever person to be  disqualified from the men’s doubles in 1995, after hitting a ball in anger and  striking a ball girl in the process. Andy Murray, in turn, became the first  British player in 106 years to be fined after swearing at a match official –  although that was in a different tournament.
  • When Spencer Gore became the first Wimbledon  champion in 1875, he said he doubted whether the game would catch on – perhaps  unsurprisingly since it cost just one shilling to watch the final and Gore  received 12 guineas for his triumph. (If you’re wondering… The pot now stands at  12.6m)
  • The name ‘tennis’ is thought to come  from the French ‘tenez!’ (‘take’ or ‘receive’), a server’s warning shout
  • Ever wondered why tennis balls are yellow? They weren’t always – white balls were replaced in 1986 because they are more visible to TV cameras. Incidentally, one ball is only in play for about twenty minutes of an average two-and-a-half-hour tennis match.
  • Maria Sharapova, one of the top earners in female sports, broke the record for the loudest grunts on court – recorded at a deafening 101.2 decibels!
  • Hamish the hawk flies for one hour every morning of the championships before the gates open to ward off the local pigeons. He starts his duties at 9am on the dot.

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