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HIAB Crane Expansion

Hiring a HIAB and driver is made very easy by Sussex Transport!

To meet a growing demand for its road haulage and contract lift services, Sussex Transport has increased its crane assisted transport fleet with the addition of a new Hiab XS322EP-5 HiPro lorry-mounted crane fitted with Hiab’s latest VSL stability system.

The Hiab XS322EP-5 HiPro crane supplied to Sussex Transport is fitted with Hiab’s VSL (variable stability limit) system – the most advanced crane safety system currently available.

VSL ensures vehicle stability by monitoring how far the stabilisers are extended and indicating the crane’s maximum capacity at any given point.

This effectively increases both stability and load capacity and enables the crane to safely handle higher capacities at any given leg position.

This ensures an optimal balance between capacity and stability throughout the operating area, and allows the operator to make full use of the crane’s capacity without compromising safety – even if there is not enough space to extend one or both stabiliser legs fully.

The operator is thus free to concentrate on manoeuvring the load, confident that the crane itself will take care of stability.


Sussex Transport’s Hiab Cranes are fully compliant with the new, stricter Machinery Directive (2006/42EC) and harmonised loader crane standard EN 12999:2009.”

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