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Supporting Our Heroes

At Sussex Transport, we believe in the power of community support and the impact it can have on life-saving services. For many years, we have had the privilege of supporting the Air Ambulance Charity Kent Surrey Sussex (KSS), a vital service providing immediate medical care from the skies. Our partnership, though simple in its essence, was profound in its impact, demonstrating how every little help counts in the grand scheme of community welfare.

A Simple Gesture Goes a Long Way

Our contribution involved donating large rolls of bubble wrap, a material typically used to protect fragile goods during transit, which was in this case used to help keep patients warm during critical airlifts to hospitals. This seemingly small act of donation played a crucial part in patient care, helping to preserve body heat in the crucial moments following trauma or medical emergencies. The effectiveness of bubble wrap in these scenarios was a simple yet powerful reminder of how every bit of help can contribute to saving lives.

A Fond Farewell to a Valued Partnership

Recently, we received a heartfelt update from Máire Hatherill, Operations Support at KSS, which brought a mix of joy and bittersweet sentiment. Larry Culver, a longtime liaison with Sussex Transport and a dedicated member of the Air Ambulance team, has retired after 17 years of service. Larry’s commitment to the mission of KSS and his role in facilitating our contributions were instrumental in making this partnership a success. As he transitions into a well-deserved retirement filled with family time and caravanning, we offer him our best wishes and gratitude for his years of dedication.

Gratitude and Looking Forward

We are deeply thankful to the Air Ambulance Charity Kent Surrey Sussex for the opportunity to contribute to their life-saving efforts over the years. This experience has underscored our commitment to supporting the community and has enriched our company’s perspective on the impact of collaborative support.

As we reflect on this journey, it’s a reminder of how partnerships, even those that seem small in scale, can have a significant impact on public health and safety. While our direct contributions of bubble wrap have come to an end, our commitment to supporting local heroes and community initiatives continues. We look forward to finding new ways to aid and support those who go above and beyond in their service to others.

A Call to Action

To our readers and community members: we encourage you to consider how you might support local services in your area. Whether through direct donations, volunteering, or simply spreading the word, every little bit helps. Let’s continue to uplift those who dedicate their lives to helping others.

We can’t wait to see all your fabulous faces at the next community event or initiative. Together, we make a difference.

Sussex Transport: More Than Just Logistics

Image below is the recently released second air ambulance for the team at KSS – This is a huge milestone and will mean that they can reach more people and save more lives. Superb!

Kent Sussex Surrey Air Ambulance