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Stand Trailer Hiring

Space is at a premium now more than ever before, and judging by the discussions we have with clients and customers we don’t see that changing.

Stand Trailer for Storage

On many occasions over the years we have been asked by our customers, what would we suggest is the best and most economical solution to deal with the “Peaks and Troughs” and the “Just in Time” mindset of today’s logistical nightmares.

We always suggest the same thing… Keep it simple… Stand Trailers or Containers!! We’ll focus on container hire another day, but for today lets talk stand trailers.

We are able to drop an artic trailer at our customers convenience for them to utilise as they wish.. this way they have multiple options of taking advantage of the trailer or trailers for their operational requirements…

stand trailer storageThe customer can load the trailer up at their leisure with stock that is needed on a daily basis, thus treating the trailer as an extension of their own warehouse and having the convenience of it being sited on their own premises. Alternatively, any redundant or slow moving stock can again be loaded at their leisure and then taken away for offsite storage. Then left safely on the trailer in one of our secure yards or alternatively offloaded into one of our warehouses.

The benefits of stand/storage trailers are numerous., here are just a few….

  1. Standard low rate weekly rental and trailer movement costs – makes budgeting uncomplicated and with no hidden surprises.
  2. Using the trailers as an additional stock location to your main warehouse makes stock easy to locate.
  3. Having as many stand trailers as you want/need at any one time – gives you the choice of either adding or de-hiring the trailers as your business needs change giving you the flexibility on a day to day basis.
  4. If you have an item or items that are not considered standard pallet size but are more unusual in shape then a stand trailer is a great idea as you won’t have to make modifications to your own warehouse layout to accommodate.
  5. If the item(s) you are storing is for example only being used for exhibition or maybe Trade Stand purposes and is having to constantly be moved around the country then being kept stored on a stand trailer will cut down on any unnecessary handling or transhipping which will of course also cut down on any potential damage that could be incurred due to constant manoeuvering.

So pick up the phone today and make that call to Sussex Transport. We can then discuss your requirements in further detail and sort the best way forward for you…

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